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We empower entrepreneurial women to conquer their limiting beliefs, banish self-doubt, and cultivate unwavering confidence.

Step 1: Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs

Step 2: Develop Unstoppable Confidence

Step 3: Take Control Of Your Life And Business


Are limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your full potential? Are you tired of feeling stuck and lacking confidence in yourself?

You have goals and dreams, and you want to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. At Empowered2BE, we understand your desire for progress and growth. We know that you want to break free from limiting beliefs and develop the unstoppable confidence necessary to walk into the next level of your life.

We know that limiting beliefs can hold you back from reaching your true potential. These beliefs create self-doubt and prevent you from taking action towards your goals. But we're here to help you overcome these obstacles.

"You don't need another hero to save the day..."

You don't need another hero to come save you...you ARE the hero! What you DO need is a guide, someone who can lead you towards success. At Empowered2BE, we will be your guide on this transformative journey. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you break free from limiting beliefs and develop the confidence you need to thrive.

Dr. Ebony Parker Waugh

"Your Authentic Empowerment Coach"

Dr. Ebony Parker Waugh is an executive mindset and leadership development coach/consultant who helps entrepreneurial minded healthcare leaders reach their full potential. She also works with healthcare professionals who desire to transition from their 9-5 into entrepreneurship.

Dr. Ebony has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector as a nursing leader, professor and trainer, also including 23 years as a successful entrepreneur. She is a certified master mindset & empowerment coach, and corporate culture consultant .

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Introducing The Empowered2BE Academy, a simple yet powerful six-week course and coaching program that will guide you through the process of overcoming limiting beliefs and building unstoppable confidence. Our plan consists of carefully curated exercises, coaching sessions, and proven techniques that will empower you to become the best version of yourself. The Empowered2BE Academy is the carefully crafted pathway to your transformation!

Here's how we’ll do it together:

1. Discover Your Core Beliefs:

In our initial sessions, we'll uncover the root of what's holding you back.

2. Breakthrough Strategies:

Equip yourself with powerful mental tools to dismantle those limiting beliefs.

3. Actionable Confidence Building:

Engage in practical exercises that solidify your new mindset.

4. Sustain Your Success:

Develop a personalized plan to keep your confidence soaring long after our program ends.

It's Your Time & Your Turn!

Take Action Now! Don't wait any longer to unleash your true potential. Take the first step towards your transformation today. Click the button below to watch Dr. Ebony's MINDSET MASTERCLASS and start your journey towards a life of empowerment and confidence TODAY!

Avoid staying stuck and Embrace Success by starting the process NOW! Waiting will only leave you where you are. Instead, TAKE ACTION to experience the success of breaking free from these constraints and living a life of confidence, fulfillment, and achievement.

Envision Your Success! Imagine a life where you tackle challenges in your life and business with unwavering confidence, where you pursue your dreams without fear, and where you live up to your full potential. That's the future that awaits you when you join The Empowered2BE Academy. Don't wait, start envisioning your success today. 

It's time to FINALLY break through the internal barriers that have kept you feeling stuck for so long. We are ready to help you take control of your life, destroy those limiting beliefs and develop unstoppable confidence.

Want Some Proof? Here Are A Few Testimonies...


Gale's Story

Gale was happily retired from working many years in Corporate America, but had just started with a marketing company as an independent representative. She was looking for a way to enjoy her retirement years that would afford her an opportunity to travel like a rock-star, without dipping into her savings. She always considered herself an introvert, so jumping right out there and being front and center on social media was not her strong suit. Gale was trying to get the results she wanted in her company, and saw that others were getting, but felt completely overwhelmed and never felt like she knew what to do next

Although Gale joined the program, she remained on the fringes within the group. She was an observer mostly, but once she saw others getting their break-thru, she became more involved. Since she has allowed herself to be coached she has truly developed confidence in herself and feels better about knowing what to say to her prospects and business partners. She went from posting picture of her plants and flowers on social media, to telling her story, getting more engagement and some of the people she has met in person tell her they see her posts and enjoy her energy in her live videos…which she still has to pinch herself about because she never imagined she would have the confidence to do them. Gale believes her future is very bright, not only for her business, but also in her relationship with her husband…they enjoy more outings together and are beginning to travel to their dream destinations. She said being a part of our 8-week program has given her a boost of fire that she needed to get out of her own way!


Anastasia's Story

Anastasia is a 15-year seasoned cardiac ICU nurse, intelligent, high-spirited, and genuine. She had grown tired of the bureaucracy of working in healthcare, not being able to spend time with her growing family, and was looking for another way to make a living for herself She was experiencing burn out in a major way. Anastasia knew she had other talents that she wanted to share with the world, helping other nurses increase their resilience and heal from previous traumatic experiences. Although she was very knowledgeable and experienced of the inner workings of the Cardiac ICU, she wasn’t feeling confident in her abilities to become a business owner and do anything outside of nursing, where she felt she had become an expert

Anastasia knew that if she didn’t step out on faith and hire a coach to help her, she would remain stuck working a job that no longer fulfilled her. She participated in our 8-week program, and it became evident to her that she was holding onto some negative thoughts and beliefs from her childhood that were affecting her ability to pivot in her career and learn something new. Anastasia realized that doing the necessary work with a coach and being in a supportive and encouraging group was better than trying to explore this all on her own. She discovered new-found accountability and no longer procrastinated on her dreams, because she had the blueprint to achieve them. Best of all, she is now able to share her story with her clients and allow it to encourage them on how to release the pain they experienced from undesirable negative experiences, while increasing their stress resilience.


Ashley's Story

Ashley is an Access Specialist with the federal govt. As a world-traveler she was the “go to” person for booking trips within her circle of friends. Wanted to monetize her time and talents by becoming a Travel Business Owner, but had no clue where to start or how to make it successful. She knew she lacked the know-how to become a successful Boss Lady, and didn’t want to just be out there winging it on her own

Ashley joined the program, and soon discovered that she had some limiting beliefs that were a threat to her success, by keeping her from showing up as her authentic self for her clients. She allowed herself to be vulnerable and worked through the activities She utilized the strategies to become more confident and aware of her purpose for how to use her voice and live her life out loud.Ashley went from researching travel destinations for FREE, to now getting paid for booking travel and helping her clients have amazing vacations and getaways.She said she has learned and grown so much from being part of the program. She now sees the potential within herself, and her business is blossoming. Ashley feels so confident, she is ready to take her business to the next level.


Carolyne's Story

Carolyne is a native of Kenya, a 12-year seasoned nurse. Her father used to tell her to go into Pharmacy because she would never make any money in nursing. She started her healthcare staffing business about 7 years ago, with just her as the only “employee”She believed that her business would be successful if she just continued to work “really hard”Before Carolyne decided to work with us, she knew she wanted to grow her business, but wasn’t sure how to do that, and she believed that she was not good enough because she spoke with an accent, which she didn’t think was acceptable in the business world. She also was not very fond of “change”, and believed that it would always be difficult for her.

During the program Carolyne soon realized that she made the best decision to do the necessary work to release her limiting beliefs. She showed up and did the work to achieve her Break-Thru. She went from only having 2 staff members, to moving to a larger office and hiring 5 more staff to help with the day-to-day operations of her business. She recently reported being so grateful for the opportunity to work through our program because she now shows up as her authentic self and has grown so much as a person and that growth shows up in her business as well.Carolyne said her favorite strategy from the program has been planning her weeks out, which breaks down to planning her next day the evening before. She says she feels 100% more organized and productive and it is serving her well financially in her business!

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